fastest growing internet connections in the US

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Feb 212015

fastest growing internet connections in the US

If you could pay all your bills by working from your laptop while people watching at a coffee shop, would you? Thanks to speed leaps in Internet infrastructure, you might just be able to live this dream. But where would you go if achieving the fastest-possible Internet connection were your only concern? You’re not just limited to Silicone Valley anymore if you’ve got a need for speed.

You might be surprised to find out where some construction of future-proof Internet infrastructure has taken place. Take, for example, Kansas City, Missouri, the first place where Google set up fiber optics and offered those services to consumers who were willing to shell out the money for speeds up to 100 times greater than they were used to. Although the company has expanded its high-speed Internet speeds to other areas, including Salt Lake City, Utah, in the five years following the project’s inception, it all started in the Midwest.

Google plans to increase Internet speeds through the southeast, too, and the tech giant has set its sight on markets on Atlanta, Georgia and Charlotte. Google’s own Fiber Optic general manager calls lightning-fast Internet a necessity. Rumor has it that San Antonio, Texas and Portland, Oregon might also soon be slated to get Google’s gigabit Internet services.

Not to be outdone, cable Internet provider Comcast also has fiber optics in 39 states. Comcast is one of the few options for people in northern cities such as Minneapolis, Chicago or Detroit, where other Internet providers have yet to set down fiber optic roots.

But it’s not all about the hardwiring. Thanks to 4G expansion on the part of cell companies, even mobile users are experiencing download speeds up to — and sometimes greater than — 100 megabits per second. This means it will take mere moments to download an entire high-definition movie, and streaming via Netflix is seamless when commuting to work in areas with 4G LTE. With companies like Verizon expanding their LTE spectrum in Abilene, Texas and Daytona Beach, Florida, the network is able to better deal with demand that had risen in the age of smartphones. These speeds won’t match fiber optics, but they’re plenty fast enough for playing Candy Crush or browsing Facebook!

There’s no doubt that now is an exciting time for consumers and businesses alike thanks to the strides being made in both mobile and traditional broadband services.